Episode Thirty-Six: Ragnarok: Scene 16

His blade started to snake towards mine, and then there was a third thunder clap.


The air shimmered.


I sensed Bifrost open. Sensed, but did not see, whoever it was was being careful to hide the distinctive rainbow glimmer.


Maybe my father had sneaked out after all.


Maybe Thruor had called for backup at some point during the chaos and not told me in case they did not show up.


Either way, I had to hold Surtur off – and I knew the difference. Before, he had been playing with me. Now he was bent on my destruction.


Had Thruor not moved to my side, I would have been dead in a few blows. With her help I could stall, but I knew we were both going down.


It was only a matter of time.


The guards were closing in, but they still seemed hesitant to interfere. Maybe Surtur would take it as an insult. He was rather the type.


“Get rid of the Valkyrie for me!” he snarled.
Orders given, they closed further. And then they whirled.
Riders on steeds of Asgardian blood. The cavalry was, quite literally, here. And leading them, armored, was my mother.


I had not thought of Sigyn as one who rode and fought, but she was here nonetheless.


“About time you showed up!” I called to her.


“I had preparations to make.”
Those flanking her were valkyries. Kara, two more of her sisters.


Behind them two more, on foot. I could not see them to identify them.


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