Episode Thirty-Six: Ragnarok: Scene 12

Dying trying seemed even more likely when I saw what Surtur had done. He’d pulled himself into his shell. A shell made of field fortifications and elite guards.


This time he was not going to come out. He knew as well as I did that our fight was a waste of time and energy.


This was the point at which I needed my father, but he was still nowhere to be found. So. What would he do?


What would Loki do? “We need to be sneaky.”


Thruor nodded.


“Think you can glamor yourself and Mike to look like fire giants? In those uniforms?”


“I can try.”


She wasn’t as good at it as I was, but then she wasn’t the offspring of a trickster. And I would have to change myself a little too.


It was as easy as it ever was. I still felt as if I had lost nothing power wise, although I knew what I had given up.


It was worth it. Disguised, I thought we’d just walk in, ready to fight if needed. He no doubt had sorcerers with him who had a chance of spotting us, but it might give us enough time.


What were we going to do, though?


What if it was not Mike’s task to kill him either? That was my hesitation. What if none of the three of us could actually do it.


Somebody should stab Surtur in the back.


And he had more guards. Maybe somebody had already tried and failed. “Could it be that he has himself really strongly warded?”


“Meaning that only something he did not ward against could finish him off?” Thruor frowned. “It could be. I don’t think any of us has the magical ability to detect it.”


It seemed entirely likely. “He has sorcerers in there who would know.”


“These would be the people most loyal to him.”
And therefore, yes, least likely to talk. But if he was warded, we had to find out what would get through the wards.


Thruor furrowed her brow. “There’s one weapon the dwarves forged that will get through any wards.”


“We don’t have it.”


“Or know where it is.”


Likely in the dwarven armory. Or would the sisters have brought it?
They would not have known it was needed. “Do we know what it is?”


She nodded. “A sword.”


But not the one I carried. “Well, we don’t have it, so…no sense talking about it.”
A slight look of chagrin crossed her features. “I thought maybe…no, you’re right, there’s no time to search for it.”


And we had not known it was needed before.


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