Episode Thirty-Five: Stalemate: Scene 13

I opened my eyes again. “Well, I know this is…it’s the only good choice.”


“Which you’ll regret,” says Thruor.


“Exactly.” Because it implied I would be able to regret it. I still felt that sense of freedom, though. “So…here’s the thing. Surtur doesn’t know what this would look like either. He knows it’s possible.”


“And he’s not doing it because…”


“Because he still thinks he can win the war and that winning will somehow keep Muspelheim intact. Perhaps as the only realm. I think that’s it anyway.”


She grinned. “That does seem to fit what he’s been saying and doing. And he’s holding something like this in reserve.”


“But the thing is that if we do this we interrupt the cycle.” And destroying the forges? Would that interrupt the cycle?


Or did we need to do it anyway?


Or… I forced my thoughts. “He doesn’t want that to happen.”


“But we need a good long prep time. I don’t think he can teleport,” Thruor mused.


“So, we make a light show. Nothing more, nothing less.”
“I can help with that.”


“Shame your dad isn’t here.” Thor could make a better light show than any of us.


She grinned. “I know a bit of illusion magic, so do you.”
Ebba and Jorun. I looked at them.


“Nothing we can cast directly,” Ebba said. “Dwarves don’t do that kind of magic. But we can make sure you don’t get interrupted by any more…locals.”


From the way she emphasized it, I was pretty sure she knew that fire giant hadn’t been a local. But there might well be somebody up here, hiding from the war. And there was still wildlife.


“At least keep the curious wildlife away, although it doesn’t seem like anything’s wandering up to us.” They probably got hunted. I let out a breath. “So…”


“So, I think I have a good illusion idea,” Thruor said. “You’re right. He won’t know what to look for.”


“I can lend you some energy.” We had practiced that, albeit only once. “I wish Clara was here.”


“If she was here we’d still have demonic hordes.”


“Still, she could do this way better than either of us. No offense.”


She laughed. “None taken. Let’s do it.”


I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but I nodded and took her hands.


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