Episode Thirty-Four: Barriers: Scene 29

“That was productive,” Thruor murmured. “But I think…”


“I think we need to move now, before things get any…”


And the sky split open. “…worse,” I finished.




There were stars above Muspelheim. Were we too late. Was time cracked, was the tree burning, was the…


I felt myself start to panic, felt that flow through me. Felt as if it really was over.


My life. The world. Everything.


“Breathe,” Thruor told me.


I realized I was holding my breath. “It’s over.”


“Not quite yet. Not quite.”


“Can we reverse this?”


“Yes. But it will take a lot of effort and time.”








“You have an idea.”


I shook my head. “An idea for afterwards.”


“No. Not for afterwards.” She turned towards me. There was a look on her face I had never seen there before. “Spill it, Siglaugr.”


“Falling stars. Energy.”


She nodded. “You think you can grab one.”


“No, I think the king can.”


That slight nod again. “You think that you might be able to…that…”


“That we have one last chance to try diplomacy, or rather I do. Before we have to kill him.”


It was hope. And then there was the backup plan. I can grab one.




I can’t. Not while…not while there was some hope that I could save the king. I hated him.


I hated him with a passion. A passion that was not so far, after all, away from love.


And this could get me out of all of it.


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