Episode Thirty-Four: Barriers: Scene 27

Which meant that I was a target too. Of course, Surtur would be very mad if I was permanently killed.


He might not object to temporarily, though. It occurred to me that Kanesha was probably the one he least wanted to see dead.


Because who knew what would happen then. I wasn’t sure I did.


And then I heard people behind us. I whirled, drawing my sword, watching the blade reflect the fire.


“We come in…uh…peace.”


A group of young fire giants, adolescents. Armed. Nervous.


Glancing between me and Kanesha. “You might not want to be involved in what we’re involved in,” I said, not sheathing my sword as if to make a point.


“If it’s stopping what’s going on, we, uh…we…”


The dwarves were flanking Thruor.


“It’s still not something you want to be involved with.” I sighed. “We’re trying to stop the war, yes.”


I felt the barrier weaken further. It was not going to stand much longer. “But…”


“We don’t want to fight a war. We want to go home.”


Teenaged conscripts. Deserters.


Could we use them? I didn’t think so. “Are there more of you?”


He nodded. “And more who haven’t got away.”


“Then the best thing you can do to help us is to…slow things down. If he manages to invade our realm.” It was Jorun who spoke. “Then we move a major step closer to Ragnarok.”
The youth swallowed.


“And we have to…what we’re doing is best done by outsiders.”


“We’ve already committed treason,” he said, simply.


“Once this is over either we will all be dead or…I’ll make sure you’re okay,” I found myself saying.


He glanced at Kanesha.


“So will I, if it lies in my power.”


She sounded fragile, but also determined.
What had happened while she had been in Surtur’s hands?


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