Episode Thirty-Four: Barriers: Scene 21

The dwarves found armor that fit both me and Kanesha in their vaults. It was surprisingly light and I found I could move completely freely.


If you want armor, get a dwarf. Trust me. They really do live up to their reputation.


But they were so worried that they’d invited Loki here and were trusting him not to steal anything. Or maybe they figured that if he helped enough anything he stole would be fair payment.


He would definitely steal something. Heck, I was tempted myself. So much shiny, beautiful stuff.


But they were giving me what I needed. I wondered why. It could not, at this point, just be the bear.


“You want something,” I jokingly accused Jorun.


“No, it’s what we don’t want. Is that fitting right?”


I shrugged my shoulders. “Seems to be.”


“First of all, I personally don’t want you dead.”


“I should be okay on that front.”


“Your father’s not so sure. Second of all, the idea of…okay, I’ll be honest. If we can have peace and trade with the fire giants, then not only is that likely to put off Ragnarok by centuries, but…”


“But it will help your economy.” It was clear. “You want a friendly person in charge there.”


She opened her mouth to say something. Apparently she thought better of whatever it was, because she closed it again with no words passing her lips.


I elected not to push. “So…”


“So, we should move quickly.”


“I’m bait,” I said, finally. “I’m the only thing that will draw him out.”


“Just as long as you don’t have to kiss him.”


I made a face. “I would if it would help, but ugh.”


“So, you don’t think he’s at all cute?”


“Physically, yes. Mentally, no.”


“Good answer,” Jorun quipped.


“Do you have anyone?” I asked abruptly.


“Not right now. I’m picky.”


“String of exes.”


She grinned. “Like I said. Picky.”


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