Episode Thirty-Four: Barriers: Scene 1

Lost, but not entirely. Nothing was over yet.


And he had left us our swords. Of course, we weren’t going anywhere right now. Kanesha shook her head. “You came alone?”


I smiled. “You trust me, right?”


“Yes, but…” She paused. “Okay, got it. No talking about the plan in case he has us bugged.”


We were in the swan room, which had a large feather bed, and looked out over the lake.


I slipped her the necklace, but said nothing about it. He hadn’t taken that either.


“You aren’t going to…”


I let out a breath. “I’m honorable, believe it or not. No, I’m not going to agree to marry him.”


I didn’t finish the sentence. I was concerned about magical bugs. But I also knew I had backup out there.


If they could work out a way to get us out. Or I could. “Let’s rest up. Has he…”


“He has treated me like a honored guest.” She was still wearing the dress. “And lectured me about how if I cared about lives of innocents I’d give you up.”


I snorted. “He’s going to start Ragnarok if you do. Or even if you don’t.”


“It’s a shame. He’s quite…suave, isn’t he?”


Kanesha wasn’t attracted to men sexually. “You like him.”


“More like I can see under all the stuff I hate somebody who might be worth liking.” She shook her head. “I don’t know what to do.”


I didn’t admit that I didn’t either. But we’d get out of here, one way or another. “If we can get you out, he can’t hold me unless I agree to marry him.”


She nodded. “Meaning…”


“This place probably is bugged. But he already knows he can’t hold me without you. So getting you out is more important.”


Not that I wanted to get out that way. And there was the issue of my sword, who would not want to be left behind.


At least Kanesha didn’t have to deal with emotional backtalk from hers.


She nodded weakly. “Okay.”


I did not tell her Mike was here. I wanted to, so badly. I didn’t. I didn’t want Surtur knowing exactly who had come with me.


With any sense they would have run, all of them, to regroup.


“Maybe your dad will help us,” she added.


“He has to be careful. Politics.”


She nodded. “But…well…”


I could think of one trickster who might be able to, if he could come here, if he was willing to. But Coyote would be just as likely to watch with popcorn as actually help.
And I certainly wasn’t going to involve Sarael.


I had to assume we had to escape on our own resources. A question drifted into my mind, though.


Where was my dog?


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