Episode Thirty-Three: Taken: Scene 29

It was, of course, too late. Or it would have been without the enterprising dwarves. We could hear guards come running. Then they stopped, and we heard footsteps in various directions.


The force which descended on us was thus somewhat reduced and much easier to handle, especially as we got out of the entrance and into a room. The room appeared to be occupied by the guards – what better way to protect a little-used entrance than have a couple of soldiers sleep next to it, I supposed.


But it was enough space to bring all of our weapons to bear without being so much that we could easily be surrounded.


I had to kill another of them, though. And Thruor did for a third – the one who had fled us was nowhere in evidence.


Maybe he’d decided he was too injured to continue and seen the better part. I hoped so, anyway.


But once we had the five of them knocked out or dead, we kept moving. “Helgr said his quarters are at the top of the spire. I’d imagine the swan room is close to there,” Thruor reminded, taking point for now.


Mike between us. Me as rearguard. My blade glimmered with flame and blood. I really, though, would rather have avoided all of this.


Even as I enjoyed the fighting itself. I wanted to be fighting for something that wasn’t this, not fighting my way in to rescue the princess in the tower.


Kanesha would like the image of herself as a princess, though. She would like that very much, and that emboldened me to push forward.


Then the dwarves came rushing in from the side. “He’s got Helgr, but…”


“Let’s keep moving. We can go out the way I got in. It’s an easier route than Helgr thought. Not quite mountain goaty.”


“You know us dwarves don’t like to climb.”


“You’d rather stay here?” And Thruor was rushing upstairs. The dwarves reluctantly followed her, but at least this was enclosed.


Maybe the real reason they’d insisted on the two pronged approach…well. They were here and I would trust them with my life or Kanesha’s.


And then Thruor cried out. There were fire giants everywhere – and one of them had got lucky, tossing a spear into her chest.


“Leave me,” she hissed.


I knew that if she died she would only go home. But I still…then I steeled myself.


She was right.


I had to stop thinking in mortal terms. We could get in and out without her. She was not in true danger, this being Muspelheim, not Asgard.


The only one in true danger was Kanesha.


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