Episode Thirty-Three: Taken: Scene 23

So, I was quite surprised when he actually showed up.


He was quite surprised – because this time Thruor was with me.


“I know you. By reputation. Thorsdottir.” He couldn’t seem to manage a coherent sentence.


“I am Siglaugr,” I said, simply. “Surtur has my mate.” This time I was being obvious. Honest.


“Lokisdottir.” He glanced between us. “The two of you are working together?”


“We manage it somehow,” Thruor said, dryly.


“And he…”


“He kidnapped my lover to use as bait. I intend to get her back. If he gets me, he will start the war he is preparing for. He somehow thinks I’m key to winning it.”


“Key to getting Loki on his side more like.”


I stared for a moment. Could it be that simple, that obvious?
But no, Loki…but then, Loki was only arguing that the time was right. Surtur did not care. “Loki will do what Loki does,” I said, finally.


“Can’t argue with that.” He looked at me. “You need somebody who can get you into the spire.”




“I can’t. But there are those who, well, would do it just to annoy Surtur. Those who are hoping to annoy him into making a mistake.”


“Trying to force somebody into his bed isn’t a mistake?” I kept my tone even. “I’m told that’s as dishonorable here as anywhere.”


“It is, but nobody knows.” He studied me. “You sneak in, grab your lover, and…well…”


“We make it known what he did?” It wasn’t a crazy idea. I glanced at Thruor. “There’s three more of us.”


He nodded. “I’ll talk to…”


“And don’t get drunk again, okay?”


A sheepish look and he slipped out. I glanced at Thruor.


“Don’t trust him. But use him, sure, and maybe…”


“Maybe his friends will be tighter-lipped. Surtur knows I’m here, though. If we get in easily…”


“This could be the trap too.”


I frowned, but I knew she was right.


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