Episode Thirty-Two: Discoveries: Scene 30

Then he and I both looked towards the window at once.


“Okay,” he said. “That’s rude.”


I wasn’t sure what he meant. I sensed something. Some disturbance. “I can’t identify that.”


“Demon trouble.”


“Not Tyz’vel.”


“Nah. But somebody high ranking.” He considered that. “I’m tempted to go say hi.”


“And see if you can deflect them?”


A grin. “Well, depends on what they’re up to. They could just be after a night on the tile.” He snapped his fingers and vanished.


I glared at the space where he had been, grabbed my sword and started to head towards the disturbance by rather more mundane means.


They might be after Derek again, although I doubted it. This was somebody high ranking.


This was somebody up to something big, and I didn’t need it. I didn’t need this level of distraction.


Probably, I should have left it to my dad. He could handle demons, one way or another.


But I couldn’t, as usual, stand to sit aside unless there really was nothing I could do. Besides, I wanted to know who it was.


I got about a block before Sarael fell in next to me.


“Who is it?”


“One of the high princes. Not Lucifer, but not far below him.”


“My dad went to try and distract him.”


“Or her, hard to tell from here.” Sarael arched an eyebrow. “Distract. Right.”


“Hey, it might work.”


“Crazy god,” he grumbled.


“I know.” I wasn’t going to deny that there was madness in my father, albeit madness that at least sometimes had a trace, just a trace, of method to it.


Okay, maybe more than a trace.


“You must get your sanity from your mother.”


“I do,” I admitted. “So, any thoughts?”


“I think we should mop up the lessers who came through and let crazy gods do their things.”


I smiled. “Well, I have my sword.”


“As do I,” the angel said, smiling back.


Sending demons back to hell the hard way suddenly struck me as quite a fun way to spend the night.


But the prince, likely that was something big.


Something political.


Something I hoped I could avoid being involved in.

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