Episode Thirty-Two: Discoveries: Scene 25

We made it to my place without incident. “I don’t feel comfortable or safe.”


Clara nodded. “Neither do I. Danger sense is triggering.”


“Spidey sense?” Kanesha quipped.


“I don’t think we should all be together. Or maybe we should.”


Kanesha nodded. “Surtur’s going to show up, isn’t he?”


I frowned. “Or send more firepower. And they’re only ordered to keep me alive.”


“Then I vote,” Kanesha said, “For staying together.”


My frown faded. “Trusting me to protect you.”


“Right on.”


I glanced at Clara. “See what you can scry? Please?”


She moved to my table and started to set out a map and her tools. I kept my distance so my aura would not cause her any problems. Turning back to Kanesha. “Now is one of those times when I feel bad for dragging you into all of this.”


“I trust you.”


“That only makes me feel worse.”


“No. I really do trust you. I know that even if they…” She tailed off.


“I am not letting you get hurt.”


“Aha!” Clara interrupted. “I have a thought. Jane, get over here.”


I did so.


“Put your hand on the map. I’m going to steal some of your magic to find every fire giant in town.”


“I can almost do that on my own.” I did so.


“Uh oh.”


“The one right outside or the one apparently in the White House.”


“Yes.” Clara shrugged. “The one in the White House is probably a lobbyist.”


I laughed. “Probably.” But unless the one right outside was Yngva we had a potential problem.


I reached out with my power, ready to stop them from setting fire to the building.


The knock on the door followed. Kanesha peered through the peekhole. “It’s a woman.”


“Yngva! Is that you?”


“Yes!” she called in. “Whatever you’re doing, mind not doing it?”


I stopped. “Come on in.”


Kanesha let her in.


“Sorry. I thought you were hostile.”


“Dang. You’ve got a knack for that.”


I grinned. “Thank you.”


But the feeling of dread had not faded.


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