Episode Thirty-Two: Discoveries: Scene 23

Now all I could do was wait while Yngva did her thing. And work out how to repay Angrboda.


Oh, who was I kidding, I had to find a way to repay her with alcohol. Really good mead would probably do it. But it might have to wait…then again, Angrboda would probably wait a few years for repayment.
She didn’t see it as that long, likely. I did, but that was only because I still couldn’t remember things.


So, for me, waiting a few days for Yngva was still…waiting a few days for Yngva. I did manage to set enough lasagna aside for Kanesha, and then I tried to be normal for a while.


Until Clara called me. “Hey.”




“I got a good scry on what they’re going to attack next.”


“Good. What is it?”


“A club in northeast. On Friday night.”


It was Thursday. “Okay. So…which club?”




I nodded. “One of Thruor’s favorites. He’s probably pissed…she beat one of them up.”


“Ack. Okay. Let’s…”


“Let’s meet…is there a good place to get dinner down the road from there?” An innocent meeting of friends. Of course, if they noticed me, they might change targets.


I would if I was in their place. “And we should be stealthy.”


“There’s a pizza place down the road. Hole in the wall, but good.”


“That’s where the best pizza comes from.”


I decided that it was best if it was only me, Clara and Kanesha. I could do my best to shield the three of us, and Clara had witch magic to help. We didn’t know exactly when they would hit.
So, we waited, munching on pizza, and keeping one eye on the club. At first it seemed as if they really had sensed me and decided to move on.


Then I saw the fire giant across the street. A different one. No doubt they were hoping I would not immediately recognize him.


But the other side of that was that he wasn’t immediately recognizing me. I could feel him sort of reaching into the building.


Looking for something he could spark. And I had an idea. “Clara, can you set off the evac alarm?”


“Before he…I see what you mean.” A pause. “It would cause panic, I think.”


“Okay. Scratch that.”


I reached inside me for my own fire, felt it waiting and ready. It wanted to be unleashed, but that wasn’t my plan.


My plan was to divert his, to steal it. And he was starting to reach out…and I could feel the risk, the danger.


“The band’s equipment.”


Clara nodded. “I have an idea.” And she started to weave a spell.


I, meanwhile, tried to subtly draw off the energy he was building. I wasn’t sure what Clara was doing. Kanesha was watching the street for us. I hoped she didn’t feel too much like a third wheel.


And then the power to the club went out.


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