Episode Thirty-Two: Discoveries: Scene 20

We got about halfway through our French toast before they showed up.


The guy’s friends were hulking, almost as wide across as they were tall and practically moved like Neanderthals. I rolled my eyes. “Check out those knuckle walkers.”


“Don’t insult gorillas,” Kanesha said, absently.


“But seriously.”


We had Zaid between us and, indeed, my guess was right.


“Hiding behind women are you? More proof you aren’t a real man,” came a voice from behind them.


Zaid had managed to inflict a shiner and a couple of bruises on the owner of said voice, from what I could see.


“Doesn’t have to be a man,” I said. “How about we take this outside. Some of us would like to be able to come back here.”


The guy glanced around from behind his muscle wall. One of them commented, “She’s got a point.”


They could talk. That would make this more fun, I mused. Maybe I could taunt them into leaving instead of having to hurt anyone.


“Outside, then.”


“It’s three on three,” I added. “That seems fair.”


The one who hadn’t spoken was eyeing Kanesha. “I think we have you outnumbered,” he said finally.


I just grinned. But at least I’d convinced them the street was a better place for a stand off. As we stepped outside, it started to rain.


Even better.


“So, I hear that you insulted my friend here.”


“I don’t know why he was so insulted by the truth.” He hadn’t come out from behind the muscle wall.


“And you accuse him,” I added, “Of hiding behind women when you’re literally hiding behind those two walking walls.”


The one who had spoken first cracked his knuckles. “I’m not averse to beating up a girl.”


I grinned. “Kanesha?”


She grinned back, and stepped forward. Of course, he charged into her.


Of course he charged past her, into the ground. Even I didn’t see exactly what move she used.


The other was staring. “Crap, he brought black belts.”


Kanesha grinned. “Your turn, or are you going to acknowledge defeat.”


I hadn’t even done anything. Hitting people was, I’d realized, far less intimidating than just putting them on the ground.


The one Kanesha had dropped was picking himself up. Their friend was staring.


“See, here’s the thing. You talk big when you’re in a one on one. But then you lose, bring muscle, and it never occurs to you…” I grinned at him. “That two can play at that game.”


I waited to see if they would run away. Hopefully they would.


Hopefully they wouldn’t bother Zaid again.


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