Episode Thirty-One: Roads: Scene 27

Of course, when I was trying to avoid fire giants, they seemed to be on every street corner.


When I was trying to find one? Not a one to be seen. Fortunately, I had an advantage.


A canine advantage.


Of course, he couldn’t find a specific fire giant. But between his nose and my senses I was able to locate all eight of them in town.


Hopefully one of them would be sympathetic to my ideas rather than loyal to Surtur. And the one I did find?


I’d met him before. He wasn’t any older than I was. “Hey.”


“You’re looking for me?” His tone was suspicious as he glanced at the fyrhund.


“You or somebody like you. I need to check something out and I need some help. And I need it under Surtur’s radar.”


He shuddered. “He’s losing it.”


“Figured you’d say that.”


“But it’s hard to get to Muspelheim under his radar.”


I could imagine that. “Do you know a back door?”


“I do, but it’s not a fun route. Of course, you’re as immune to fire as I am, but you’d better not…”


“I don’t plan on bringing anyone else.” I smiled at him. “I want to look at what’s going on without being shown a nice, pleasant guided tour.”


He laughed. “I get that. And I think I know where to take you. But what’s in it for me?”


“I’m trying to keep Surtur from starting Ragnarok. And I’m trying to solve your problems. I have some insight, but I need to see what’s going on.” And feel it. And know it.


It scared me. I was afraid it meant something.


I was rather afraid…


“Why do you care?”


A pause. “Well, first of all, I have mortals I care about that I don’t want to see burned to a crisp or frozen into icicles in a war. Second of all, I guess I’m a soft touch for people in trouble. If it was just Surtur he could go hang, but…”


“Nobody cares about fire giants.”


“I do.” Of course, I rather suspected I’d have to be careful admitting that. “But I do have some of our blood.”


“And something else.” He grinned. “I think I know what Surtur sees in you.”


“Flirting won’t get you anywhere. But I think I can find some sort of reward for being a guide.” If nothing else, there was always tasty food he couldn’t get in Muspelheim.




It worked on gods.


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