Episode Thirty: Departures: Scene 28

Somebody vaguely familiar, but whom I couldn’t place. I slid down and then threatened the horse with my sword hilt.


Kanesha must have done something similar, because hers turned and ran. Mine snapped at me first.


“Loki’s daughter allied with Unseelie. The rumors must be true.”


“Convenience only.”
“So you say.”


He didn’t introduce himself. Clearly, he expected me to know he was. I wasn’t about to admit that I didn’t.


“You’ll forgive me for not believing you.”


I knew abruptly that this person intended to do something to me. And probably not kill. “Kanesha, run.”


I could sense the power running off him. He meant to imprison me somehow, I was sure of it.


“The mortal…eh, the mortal can do nothing to prevent this. I will not allow you to end the world.”


I drew my sword. “I do not intend to. But you’ve already said you don’t believe me.”


Father, I thought. But it was as if my thoughts came up against a barrier.


Whatever he planned on doing to me he’d already started. I could feel it.


“Why should I, when you arrive on Unseelie steeds?”


I reached for fire. It answered, but sluggishly. “Why should you not? If I planned on starting Ragnarok, then why am I telling Surtur where to go?”


“You want all of the glory for yourself.”


The fire rose up around me, but it was pallid, weakened. “Who are you?” I asked, finally.


“You don’t know?” A pause, as if he was trying to decide whether to introduce himself or not.


“I don’t remember.” Maybe honesty would win him over. Because I knew I couldn’t fight this person.


I absolutely knew that. I also knew he was not Aesir or Vanir. But he believed I could end the world.


“It doesn’t matter.” He lifted his hand and my fire was extinguished as if he had thrown a whale tank full of water on me.
“It does to me.” I hoped Kanesha was clear. Hoped she could call help. I wasn’t getting out of this on my own.


Not this time.


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