Episode Thirty: Departures: Scene 22

Not liking this at all, I hesitated and narrowed my eyes, trying to see through the glamor to establish what, exactly, the car was.


All I saw was a twisting shape, though. Not demonic. Fae, but the bad kind of Fae. Probably only following me because I was magic, probably nothing personal. I didn’t think, anyway, that I had done anything to upset the Winter Court.


“Ho!” I called.


Somebody got out of the car. Somebody unseelie, I could see the overlay of their glamor, a tall, thin man, and their elfin self. “A godling.”


“You followed me.” Not an accusation. Not really. A mere statement of fact.


“Of course I did.”


“I’m not here to interfere with whatever you’re worried I’ll interfere with. Unless you push me.”


That unseelie feeling meant that this one was up to no good, firmly so, but I was willing to ignore it unless he decided to make it my business.


Which I had a feeling he would.


I continued, “Wouldn’t even have known you were there if you hadn’t started tailing me.”


He snorted. “Don’t trust your kind.”


“Mutual.” Which wasn’t entirely true. I didn’t have a huge problem with fairies.


But I had a problem with this one. He stank. He radiated a feeling of wrongness almost equal to a demon, something which I wanted to purge with fire.


“So, what assurance do I have that you won’t?”


“My word.”


“Not good enough.” He glanced past me, and then made a run for the car and Kanesha.


Who jumped out and drew her sword. Seeing that, I elected not to trip him, this time. I figured she could handle it.


I was right. She stepped to the side and had the blade across his chest.


“You even think to touch her and if she doesn’t kill you herself, I will.” I strode over to the Unseelie. “Congratulations. You’ve made me very interested in your affairs.”


Kanesha was grinning a bit, although I could see the tension in her. She didn’t have any resistance to fairy magic. He was going to try something.


No, he was going to whirl on me…and start to prepare a spell.


“Oh, don’t bother. Go back to fairy, and I’ll forget we had this meeting.”


I hadn’t forgotten about the car.


I wasn’t even surprised when it turned into a chariot drawn by two scaled horses.


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