Episode Thirty: Departures: Scene 18

We did make it back to the motel. “If that superhero’s the worst thing…” Then Kanesha burst out laughing. “I think we met Callisto.”




“The leader of the Morlocks in Marvel comics. Mutants who live in tunnels and abandoned subway stations under New York.”


I laughed a bit myself. “I think your theory fits.”


“I wonder if there are any more like her. At least she seems to have the sense not to try to be Supergirl.”


“Although she’d have looked good in the dress.”


Kanesha pretended to punch me. We decided not to bother leaving too early in the morning and slept in.


I wasn’t comfortable, though. I woke up early again, and this time I had a sense of alarm that almost had me running for the car and our weapons.


A sense of something, anyway. Maybe it was just paranoia from things being so quiet, but I wasn’t about to count on that.


So, I stayed awake, lying on my back and thinking. New York probably didn’t need us. Well, maybe “Callisto” did, but the help she needed was more mundane than anything.


DC did.


Or had I brought…I couldn’t help but think that anywhere I went would end up needing my protection from what would follow me. Which wasn’t fair. I was the one who had earned exile, not the people I met every day, not Kanesha.


And it wasn’t even supposed to be a punishment for me. But what could I do? I didn’t know, and when she finally got up, we checked out then went to get breakfast.


The same diner. The same weird tension, and I would be glad to be out of here. I had waffles and bacon, munching on them slowly. “I’m not comfortable.”


Kanesha nodded. “This place is creepy.”


“No, I think it’s something else. Spider sense activated or whatever.”


“Well, I parked close to the door.”


I was glad of that. “I’ll take the morning driving shift this time,” I offered.


“Thanks.” She glanced at the door.


So did I. A man came in, six feet tall and almost the same broad. I did not like the look of him for a moment, then I noticed the slender woman behind him.


Not him. Her. She moved like she was trained to fight, and from Kanesha’s tension I knew she was picking up on it too. She was a pretty good hand to hand combatant herself, after all.


“I think we should pay and leave.”


It was, of course, too late.


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