Episode Thirty: Departures: Scene 12

New York was…New York. We had decided to spend the next day here, but to avoid Manhattan prices. Still, we stopped for lunch in the shadow of the skyscrapers.


There was a lot going on here, but I had already decided to do my best to ignore it. No doubt this city had its own protectors, some of them perhaps more powerful and more experienced than I am.


I also sensed more of a spirit, more of an energy, to the city itself. Perhaps because so many people in DC were transients. Or perhaps because it was so big, and so strongly viewed as the City.


We did not go into the City, though. We skirted it, watching it, stopping at a small park to stretch our legs. There were children feeding ducks.


“So normal.”


“So, we’ll stop somewhere for the night then go into New York?”


I nodded. “And not drive. We’ll stop at a parking lot or something.” I didn’t see any reason to hurry any part of the trip, unless we were running out of time. If we did, we could drive through the night, with two of us, and my stamina.


So, there was no reason to hurry, none at all.


“Yeah, I’ve heard things about parking in Manhattan.”


“I don’t think it’s much worse than DC, but it’s definitely going to be easier to take the subway.” Which couldn’t be that much different from DC’s metro.


“What do you think is going on there?”


I tilted my head, looked towards the city. “A lot of stuff I plan on not getting involved in. Not unless we move.”


“Which you aren’t sure about.”


I shook my head. “That’s not it, it’s getting you your teacher qualifications I’m worried about.”


“It’s even more expensive than DC.”


“Maybe. I think it’s easier to live in a cheap neighborhood and commute. And I’m making more money.” Which I was. People were valuing me. Which I had mixed feelings about, given I was pretty sure they were valuing me above women who looked like Kanesha.


Certainly above shorter women, but that tended to be how modeling worked. I’d already been told I was too tall to act seriously, so I suppose it evened out.


“You are. I don’t know if I want to be rich.” Her tone was teasing.


“I can always give it away.” Which I might, some of it. “But come on. New York penthouse?”


She considered that. “Only if you don’t mind me slumming it at a struggling school which needs my help.”


“Always.” I grinned at her, relaxed and happy for once. “Let’s go?”


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