Episode Thirty: Departures: Scene 9

“So, Los Angeles was a wash?”


I sighed. “Los Angeles is possessed. I mean, the entire place.”


Kanesha blinked. “I thought that was an urban fantasy trope.”


“So did I. But it’s not…it’s not something I can deal with right now. Maybe I know somebody who knows somebody, though.”


She nodded. “So…”


“So, you don’t have to start classes again for two weeks. How about we just…not be here for those two weeks.”


She laughed. “Road trip?”


“Road trip.”


“Where to, though?”


I considered that. “We’ve already done the Outer Banks this year.”


“And I’m not letting you anywhere close to that selkie!” she teased.


I laughed, but realized I was blushing. “So…we go north instead.” I grabbed her laptop and pulled out a map. “North to New York, along the coast to Boston, up into New Hampshire and then to Albany, then Niagara Falls.”


“I like that. I hear the Canadian side’s better, but…”


“Then we go back through Pittsburgh, Morgantown, and back through the mountains. Should be doable comfortably.” I grinned.


“So, we…”


“I’m buying a car. It won’t be anything great, but in the long term, I think we need one.”


And I already had a thought, but I wasn’t sure I’d go through with it.


“Okay. I think I like that. We’ll just…”


“Stay in motels when we feel like stopping, go off itinerary if we want to, and hope no fire giants show up.” It would be much more relaxing if I thought that last was anything more than hope.


But maybe we’d confuse him. Or maybe he’d think I was making a target of myself.


Or of Kanesha. I was surprised he hadn’t tried to kill her yet. If he wanted me to hate him? He was missing a great opportunity.


But this would take me out of town long enough to calm down and if he followed us? I’d deal with that then.


“I like it.” She grinned. “As for the fire giants?” She made a stabbing motion.


I grinned back. “Wish it was that easy, but yeah.” Anything less than Surtur or his elites we could deal with.


I knew that. But I also knew bad things could still happen. Many of them.


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