Episode Thirty: Departures: Scene 5

“You’re right,” Kanesha said, a bit sadly. “But my credits will transfer. The question is, where do we go?”


“Surtur will find me wherever. So…I’m not sure. But it might slow him down long enough to find the person destined to kill him.”


She sighed. “There’s…”


“I don’t think there’s any choice at this point. He’s convinced I’m key to winning Ragnarok and saving his people. Even if he’s right…”


“…he doesn’t get to destroy everything.”


I thought of what Sigyn had said about even me agreeing when the time was right. I thought about prophecies. I hoped… “Sigyn’s worried humanity will take care of that for him.”


Kanesha shuddered. “So am I. But…well…maybe humanity should screw up or not on our own merits, right?”


“Exactly. I honestly would like to help him if there was another way this could happen. But he’s so certain it’s the only solution. So…where shall we go?”


Kanesha thought. “Where would he not expect us to go…”


“Not the deep south. I’m not risking you.” It really was that bad.


“It’s not that much better in the north, but…we could go to the Midwest?”


“Maybe…lots of Scandinavians. I’d blend in, you wouldn’t, and it would still appear as if…” I tailed off.


If I was on my own, it would be easy. Go. Keep moving. Kanesha, though? She deserved what of a life she could have. Her choice to love me, but…


“It would be a place he’d think of to go himself.” She considered that. “So? We don’t go that far.”


I paused.




“Ugh, no.”


“Hear me out. You have enough money coming in that we could live in a good part of Baltimore. It would make sense, it would still be within reach of our friends, and he’ll expect us to go halfway across the country.”


“You have a point.”


“And I can make college arrangements there easily enough. And it’s only until…”


“I can’t promise. Heck, what they said might mean there isn’t a person or they aren’t even born yet.”


“Then we do what we have to do to stay safe.”


I put my hand on hers. “I don’t want to take everything normal and ordinary from you.”


“You already have. I don’t mind.”


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