Episode Twenty-Eight: Graduation: Scene 27

We went to an all ages club. The downside to celebrating here was not being able to drink. The upside of going to an all ages club was that Clara and Seb could join us.

“I don’t think it’s over, but…”

“We can hope, right?” Kanesha turned dark eyes towards me. “I can hope.”

This had to be harder, in some ways, on her than on me. Or…no. As much as I loved her, I couldn’t read her mind. Wouldn’t if I could, for that matter, because I loved her.

Angrboda shrugged. “I don’t think he’ll bother you for a bit.”

“I was told killing him wasn’t my job.”
Angrboda glanced sidelong at me. “You’d probably enjoy it, though.”

I considered that. “I don’t know. Beating him up, I’d enjoy. I think I have too much of my mother in me to enjoy killing.”

She laughed. “I’ve seen Sigyn…well, never mind. She’s every bit as capable of killing as I am. As you are.”

“There’s a difference between being capable of it and enjoying it,” I noted. “I enjoy fighting. I don’t mind killing when I have to.”

I glanced at Kanesha.

There was a bit of a grim set to her face. “Doesn’t it depend on who it is and what they did?”

I got the feeling she would enjoy killing Surtur. No, not enjoy. “Kanesha…”

“I would be quite satisfied to take Surtur out. Enjoy’s probably the wrong word. And I know I can’t, I know he’d kill me in five seconds. But…”

And I knew that was the real reason why she hoped he wouldn’t come back, hoped he would be taken out by internal politics or whatever it was he was dealing with. Because she didn’t appreciate that feeling in herself.

“There’s nothing wrong with that feeling,” Angrboda said.

Clara nodded in agreement, then went back to cuddling Seb.

“But acting on it?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that feeling,” the giantess repeated. “What’s wrong is letting that feeling rule you so you do something stupid.”

Kanesha let out a breath. “Okay.”

I rather thought Angrboda was right. “Plus, it’s hard to control our feelings. We should worry about our words and actions instead.”

“Exactly. Or not, if your name is Loki.”

I laughed out loud. “Careful. If we speak his name too many times he might show up, and that might be awkward.”

“Not any more. We’re pretty much over each other and into friends now.”

I glanced at Clara and Seb. Who were still cuddling. “How about we stop talking about dark stuff and just enjoy the music?”

“I thought you were never going to shut up,” Seb quipped.

So, we enjoyed the rest of the evening and I stopped worrying about Surtur altogether.

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