Episode Twenty-Eight: Graduation: Scene 24


They waited until the end of finals. At least, I’m pretty sure the pulled fire alarm was just somebody trying to get out of an exam. It happened almost every year.

Last ten minutes of my last test. My last test of high school. Unless I took college classes…

…and the fire alarm went off again. So did all of my instincts. There was a fire exit at the back of the classroom close to my seat. I had it open in what had to have been record time, propping it back as people streamed out.
Except me. I waited for last, sniffing the air. There was an actual fire this time. I could feel it, sense it.

It called to me. It wanted me.

It wasn’t just any fire. I didn’t have my sword, I didn’t risk that when actually on campus and at school.

I had a feeling this time I wouldn’t need it. This wasn’t a battle for that kind of weapon.

He was here.

He was here in person and I wanted to run. Instead, I let everyone else rush out into the parking lot and then walked to the other door. Opened it.

I could sense him. I could follow his aura. He was in the gymnasium.

That was where another exam was taking place. He’d set off the alarms with smoke, now he stood there.

“Ah, you’re here. The rest of you can go now.”

They fled, almost knocking me over as they rushed through the door.

He walked towards me.

“You think this will get me on your side?”

“I can’t play games any more.” He fixed his eyes on me.

“If you take me by force, you will not just deal with me.” That was a promise. I hoped Kanesha was safe.

“Only if you tell them. If you come with me, then nobody dies today. If you don’t…”

I swallowed. I couldn’t fight him. I could sense now…he wasn’t doing anything to conceal his aura.

He couldn’t hurt me physically.

“You intend to start the war now. Over me.”

Could that be what the prophecy really meant? It could, I knew. You could start something without being responsible for it.

“I can’t let you do that.”

But if I didn’t, he would start killing people. On the other hand, he’d let his hostages go.

What supported his threats?

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