Episode Twenty-Eight: Graduation: Scene 21

Apparently it was a good idea to Thruor too, as she ordered a large bowl of chocolate and chocolate mint.

“Having a bad day?”

“Having a frustrating one,” Thruor admitted. “Concluding in that. We haven’t seen the last of that guy. He was too stupid.” She glanced at Derek.

Derek nodded. “But why would he deliberately give me his name?”

“Maybe he’s hoping you’ll accidentally summon him. Or maybe he was trying to make us more suspicious of you.” I let out a breath. “I mean, he could ward against me seeing stuff. Maybe you are on his side.”

To his credit, he only bristled a little.

“I think I can verify that he isn’t,” Thruor said. “No offense, Jane, but I’m quite a bit more experienced at dealing with souls than you are.”

“None taken.” She was a valkyrie, after all. Dealing with souls was her job.

She turned to look at Derek. I couldn’t see what she was doing, so I drifted closer to Kanesha and munched on my ice cream.

“What is she doing?” Kanesha whispered.

“Scanning him.” How else could I put it.

“That’s kind of…”

“Weird? She’s not reading his mind or anything like that.”

I sensed that light presence again. Glanced to the doorway. Sarael was standing just inside, watching, carefully positioned where Derek couldn’t see him.

The angel was up to something. Probably something good. Probably something amusing. The trickster angel, I thought.

But in no danger of falling. Maybe he’d make some changes, something that would…

Or maybe the humorless stuff was all an act anyway.

“You’re clean,” Thruor said, eventually. Then she glanced at the door.

So did Derek, but Sarael was already gone.

“You have a guardian angel for real, I think. He has a sense of humor.”

“You know him?” Derek seemed surprised.

“We’re rivals. We’re not enemies. Anyway. Be careful. That was a full blown demon lord that came after you.”

“And intentionally gave me his name. I’m being set up, aren’t I?”

“Probably. You need to get one step ahead,” Thruor said. “And be very careful. I don’t want to see you in Hell, after all.”

I was very much inclined to agree with her. Now he wasn’t trying to kill me, I rather liked Derek.

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