Episode Twenty-Eight: Graduation: Scene 19

I called Thruor as we moved. Got her voice mail. Left a message, hoping she’d find it before we found them.

I absolutely trusted she could track me with no problems. Of course, I couldn’t quite do the reverse.


I was more focused on finding Derek. I also told Thruor to bring Kanesha’s sword. We needed to put some wards on it so she could hide it.

I’d already asked enough of Clara for one week, though.

The trail led us deeper into the bad part of Northeast. I wasn’t comfortable with being here at all. Mundane people had guns, and guns hurt.
Guns could, if you were mortal, kill. But this was where the trail led us. The dog finally stopped outside a really run down house. Looking down.

“Basement, eh, buddy?”

“Smells like a trap to me,” Kanesha commented.

I nodded. “Yeah. Maybe.” And a horrible feeling came into my mind that it could be a trap, and Derek might be in on it.

We thought we trusted him, but…

I tried to reach out, but the run-down house was warded. Either we waited for Thruor, or we went in blind.

Or…I tried to crash through the wards. I was a goddess, after all. I should be able to deal with wards.

Then again, I was relying on them with the fire giant problem. I closed my eyes and reached out again, this time with force.

It bounced back. Either a powerful coven had set this or…it had a signature. “Demon lord,” I murmured to Kanesha.

She nodded. “Okay.”

“Who knows we’re here at this point.”

But at that point, Thruor came roaring up. She slowed down next to Kanesha and handed her her sword.

“Demon lord,” I told Thruor. “Has the place warded against us.”

“With two of us we should be able to do something about that.”

“Derek’s definitely in there.”

She nodded grimly. “I hope that gets some other attention.”

If she meant Sarael, I entirely agreed. We could really use him right now. “They know I’m here by now. Possibly not you.”

“Then you go charging in.” She glanced at Kanesha. “Come with me.”

Kanesha nodded.

I trusted Thruor’s tactics, drew my blade, and kicked in the front door.

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