Episode Twenty-Seven: Dwarves: Scene 30

I figured it was time to head home.

Of course, we were in southeast, so I should have known something else would happen.

Actually, the something else that happened was a body landing at my feet with a thud. From the fact that it was still squirming, I divined that it probably hadn’t been intended to be a fatal fall.

“Is this one one of yours?” came a voice from a fire escape.

Angrboda whirled to face it. I inspected the body. It was our favorite loose cannon hunter. “No, but I’ll gladly take him out of here.”

I wasn’t sure who he’d decided to mess with this time.

“Tie him up until he learns the difference between demons and, well, anything.”

I laughed. “I think I’m going to try and set Zaid on him.”

“You know that guy?”

I could now see the figure on the fire escape…a young man with rather spectacular dreadlocks.

“Yeah, I know Zaid.”

“Good a plan as any.” He then looked at Angrboda. Then at me. “Okay, remind me to stay on your good side.”

I picked the guy up in a princess carry. “Don’t worry, it’s not hard.” And then I decided I was going to just carry him all the way to Thruor’s place.

Not Zaid’s, which was just a bit too far even for me.

He woke up after a bit. “Ugh.”

“You pissed off another hunter. This time I’m not turning you loose.”


“You’re either going to stop doing this or learn to do it right. Those are your choices. Or I’ll give you worse than bruises. Personally.”

“Demon,” he accused.

“No,” Angrboda said cheerfully, “That’s me.”

I laughed. “You aren’t a demon. Don’t confuse him further.”

“I’m a frost giant. Not much difference there.”

“This kid thinks we’re all demons.”

I put him down. “Don’t try to run.”

He didn’t. I took him all the way to Thruor’s place, which was bigger than mine.

She wasn’t even surprised to see me, a frost giant, and a beat up mortal on her doorstep. Probably because it had already happened too many times.

I wouldn’t have been surprised either.

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