Episode Twenty-Seven: Dwarves: Scene 25

Fortunately, they didn’t arrest me, just lectured me. I found out which hospital the victim was taken to and headed there. I wanted to know why she got gunned down practically in front of me. Sure, it was probably none of my business, but…

But I kind of took a dim view of things like that.

“Do you know her?” The orderly stopped me.


“Can’t let you past this point, then. Security.”

I nodded. “The shooter’s in custody.”

He peered. “You know what happened?”

“I was there. That’s why I’m worried.”

“Well, she’s in no danger of dying.”

“Guy muffed his shot, then.” Which if he was a professional shouldn’t have happened. Maybe he was just some guy who’d seen enough movies to know how to fake it.

“He must have been a critic.”

“I’m afraid I didn’t actually recognize her.”

“She’s Juliet in the latest production at the Kennedy Center.”

A stage actor, then. “Oh, no wonder. I’m not big into plays.”

“But you’re worried about her.”

“You see somebody shot, you get worried.” I shook my head. “Give her best wishes.” Then I turned away.

A critic. It could be. Or something more personal. It wasn’t any of my business. I left the hospital without pushing further.

It was probably a good thing they’d kept me out. The little bit of adrenalin made me feel better. Plus, it had got me away from the reasonably good looking, but slightly pushy photographer.

Or maybe I’d had a knee jerk reaction and he hadn’t even…no, he’d admitted he was going there. In any case, it was starting to get towards dinner time. I texted Kanesha, and she said she was at home and could put a frozen pizza on.

I decided that would do and headed home, dangerous and stupid vigilanteism done for the day.

I really needed to stick to dealing with supernatural threats and not try to be a superhero. But a mortal shooter meant nothing after mountain bears and worse.

I was pretty sure I was observed on my way home, but elected not to challenge them. I suddenly wasn’t in the mood for anything but curling up with Kanesha and munching pizza.

Pretending, once more, to be normal.

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