Episode Twenty-Six: Prom: Scene 31

Sarlac approached us a few minutes later. “I’m glad you came.” Then he smiled at Kanesha.

Who was still looking a touch uncomfortable, but smiled back. “This is a privilege.”

“I’m always glad to be able to grant it to others. Can I borrow your girlfriend for a few minutes?”

“Go ahead,” Kanesha said. “I’ll be fine.”

“You might want to chat with Ms. Robertson over there.” Sarlac pointed at an older, elegant woman. “I think you might have some things in common.”

Gratefully, she headed that way.

“She seems a bit shy…”

“She isn’t used to gallivanting around in high society, that’s all. She’s not shy when you see her with kids.”

“Aha. She’s going to be a teacher, right?”

I nodded. “High school history is the plan.”

“This area needs plenty of those. Unless you plan on taking your career to New York?”

“I’ve thought about it.” He was steering me into a side corner. Then, once he thought nobody could hear me…

“What’s the best thing to do about werewolves?”

“Generally, they’re okay.” I wracked my brain. “I mean, they’re intelligent, reasonably civilized.”

“They’re trying to seduce a friend of mine’s kid.”

I nodded. “They do recruit. But…they won’t force them. And if you want, I can have a word. How old’s the kid?”

“Your age.”

“I’ll talk to them.” I smiled. “A neutral party, unbiased.”

“And if they do…”

A pause. “It’s not a terrible fate.”

“I guess vampires are the ones you have to watch?”
I shuddered. “Vampires are barely intelligent vermin. I kill them whenever I find them.”

“Huh. So, the werewolves are the good guys in the ancient conflict.”

I laughed. “Not always the good guys, but at least the ones you can…”

I didn’t finish the sentence. There was a towering crash and a woman, not Kanesha, screamed.

“Oh dear,” was all Sarlac said.

I ran for the scene, and found that the confectionary table had collapsed. And standing on top of it was a werewolf.

So much for reasonably civilized.

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