Episode Twenty-Six: Prom: Scene 28

I wondered if I had any chance of rescuing Monica’s mother, but rather thought it was slim. People in relationships like that have to be convinced to help themselves, often a difficult and thankless task.

In the mean time, I tried to get on with my life and not think about it. I did manage to get the sympathetic nurse to agree to call me if things turned for the worse, even though Monica’s parents had asked to exclude me completely from her sick room as a “bad influence” or whatever.

They’d probably be even more up in arms…yeah. If all else failed, then… “I’m not sure quite what to do.”

“Break her out,” came a not exactly human voice from nearby, before the raven dropped to my shoulder.

“I suppose…”

“You are still seeing this in mortal terms. And you need to be with her.”

“Tell that to her parents.”

“Somebody else probably will.”

He probably meant Sarael. “I don’t think it would be good for them to know…”

“What’s really going on? Their minds are too narrow for that.”

“What about her mother?”

“She could leave any time she wants.”

“I know enough to know that’s not always true. It’s really hard for people in relationships like that.”

“True. But you aren’t the one to convince her.”

Then I wasn’t. I set it aside and focused on Monica. If I kidnapped her from the hospital – first, I’d need help.

Second, she would die.

And whatever was supposed to happen would happen. It was important, I knew that. “I suppose I’ll start making plans.”

“Good.” And the raven lifted off. I envied him for a moment as he rose into the skies – I couldn’t fly, after all.

Of course, the raven probably pitied me over the same thing. They both probably did.

Mundane ravens probably did too. They weren’t stupid birds.

I headed back home. When I was there I looked at the prom picture, thought of other pictures that might hang next to it.

Wondered if the world would give us a chance for a lifetime of them. The chance it hadn’t given Monica.

I had wondered why Odin didn’t save her if he liked her so much.

Now I thought I understood. I needed to be with her.

Something was supposed to happen.

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