Episode Twenty-Six: Prom: Scene 22

I caught up with Seb a bit later. “She’ll be fine. You did the right thing pulling it out.”

“Normally I wouldn’t, but fae and cold iron. Not that her prank was the right thing to do either, but…”

“Should we do something about that guy?”

“Let’s see if he comes around. Or becomes vampire supper.”

“I think he said, or at least implied, he could handle vampires.”

“Nonetheless.” I shook my head just a little bit. “He’s going to have to learn some sense or he’s going to be dead. But we can’t save him.”

Seb nodded. “Clara just got out of school.”

“Why don’t you tell her what’s going on with that guy?”

“I will. Why don’t you get cleaned up.”

I looked down at myself. Crap. I had fairy blood all over me. “Should I save some of this?”

“If you can.”

I had a feeling Clara could make use of it for spell components. I headed straight home for a long, long shower. Cleaned off my clothes. Collected a small vial of the blood.

Yeah, it might be useful, and I doubted its previous owner would be too upset given we did save her life.

Right after lecturing her on glamor quality. It all took on a bit of a surreal air. Almost funny if somebody hadn’t come so close to dying.
And if I didn’t have a loose cannon on what I’d come to think of as my turf. I still thought the best way to deal with him was to let him hang himself, though.

Unless he hurt somebody else.

Until he hurt somebody else. Well, I’d given him a warning and he wasn’t that competent. I forced myself to relax.

“What happened?” Kanesha asked as she came in. “Is that shirt ruined?”

“I had to do first aid on a fairy.”

“Ugh. Are they going to be okay?”

“Yeah. They’re getting more expert treatment than I could give.” I flopped into a chair. “We’ve got a loose cannon.”

“Then I suppose we have to rope them down.”

“I let them loose with a warning. They know some of what they’re doing, not enough, but they don’t care who they hurt.”

“Well,” Kanesha said sensibly. “You can always beat them up.”

I grinned. “I already did.”

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