Episode Twenty-Five: Senator: Scene 30

I wondered if we’d start a new legend. Maybe we would. I was alone, facing four fire demons and a succubus.

And immunity to hellfire would only get me so far. They would be equally immune to my fire.

What did I do? I only had to hold them off until Will and Sarael got there. And Seb. Presumably he’d come.

But I didn’t think I could. I focused all of my will for a moment into one silent call for backup.

Then I drew my sword.

Four against one. The succubus didn’t join in. The fire demons, knowing it wouldn’t work, didn’t use fire. Neither did I.

I pretty much knew they were going to kill me. I just had to last long enough.

My blade swinging against theirs, both sides bleeding, I could feel how ragged my breathing was becoming.

…when the heavens opened into the most spectacular storm.

“Thor,” I breathed. Not who I had expected.

And behind me was rainbow. Thor. Thruor. Kara. Thor flanked by the valkyries. “Now,” he boomed, “We have them outnumbered.”
The rain came down, hard, and anyone who had been watching fled. It mingled with my blood, and I almost lost my feet in relief. No.

Had to keep fighting until Will and Sarael got there.
Then a rush of winds and the angel touched down…with a shaken looking Will in his arms. Clearly he wasn’t much for flying. “Do it,” Sarael declared before spreading his wings again and drawing a sword.

He moved between Will and the demons. The succubus, realizing just how thoroughly she was outgunned, was trying to flee.

Trying, but Will was chanting in Latin. She screamed defiance as energy curled around her, and then she was gone. He didn’t have names on the others.

It didn’t matter. Mjolnir pile drove one of them into the ground hard enough to leave a crater. He dissipated into flame.

I took out a second with a sword blow to the neck, and I didn’t see how the valkyries dealt with the others. I dropped to one knee.

“You need healing,” Thor informed me.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do.” I wasn’t in danger of dying, but I definitely needed that.

“Come.” He offered me his hand. I thought about how well he and my dad didn’t get on.

I took it anyway.

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