Episode Twenty-Five: Senator: Scene 28

I decided not to worry too much more about Sarlac. As Seb said, if he was happy that way, then there wasn’t a problem.

Besides, I was in no place to judge. Of course, most people thought I was a lesbian. Part of me wanted to disillusion them.

Part of me…well. I had enough going on with without fighting the B fight, as it were. Except by gently correctly people who called me gay.

Sarlac was warned. He was also likely part of our world now, though, and that bothered me. More than it should have, perhaps because he was a Senator.

Perhaps I wanted our world to be somehow separate from the sordid politics of America…we had enough sordid politics of our own, after all.

And what could Sarlac do? In the long term, cause us a lot of trouble. Or be a lot of help. I wasn’t sure which was more likely.

I made my way to Will’s church.

“She’s back in Hell…for now.”

Will blinked. “How?”

“She opened a portal to scare somebody. Seb got her in the face with holy water and I physically threw her for it.”

He laughed. “I suppose that works. It’s not an actual banishment, though.”

“Can you do something to lock her from coming back, or do we have to wait for her to show up again?”

“The latter, I’m afraid. Sarael’s keeping an eye out for her.”

I nodded a bit. “Sarlac knows.”

“Oh dear. Well…”

“It was probably inevitable. Maybe he’ll…”

“Be a good little mortal and forget?” Will grinned. “No, it would be inconvenient for him to remember so he will, you watch.”

“What happened to you?”

Will shrugged. “I know I’m forgiven. For what happened. And I’ve been told I don’t have to be so straitlaced and to be myself more.”

By the one angel with a sense of humor, I thought. I wasn’t even sure Sarael was the same angel who’d been here all along. They were all but interchangeable.
Except they weren’t. “I could have told you that.”

“Ah, but I’m not allowed to listen to pagan goddesses.”

“Except on how to get rid of succubi.”

He grinned again. “Just threw her through?”

I shrugged. “Hey. It worked for a bit, at least.” Which was really all I could have hoped for.

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