Episode Twenty-Five: Senator: Scene 14

The only thing that succubus was going to be entertaining was the bathroom. Judging by the noises before I climbed back out of the window it did work. Oh, she could fix it, but I was quite proud of myself.

Felt sorry for the kid, though, with the frequency of her dad’s entertaining and being sent to her room all the time. No mother and her dad was a slut.

Nothing I could personally do about it, though. Other than wait outside until, not long after, the succubus stumbled out of the house and, almost without making sure anyone saw her (other than me), vanished in fire and smoke.

Teleported or maybe she’d gone back to Hell as the quickest way to get the laxative out of her system. I didn’t really care. I’d ruined her evening and if I could be an annoying distraction, I would.

For right now, though, even I needed some sleep, and I made my way back to the apartment. Technically, Kanesha was supposed to live in a group home, but she could officially move in soon. And nobody really cared that we were living together.

The foster care people thought we were just roommates. Or they let themselves think that so nothing would be officially assumed.

I slipped into bed next to her and slept. The next day, of course, trouble showed up.

Marya. Waiting for me outside school. “My boss says you need to leave her girls alone.”

I smiled. “I didn’t do anything. She’s just assuming based off my reputation.”

“As a practical joker?” There was actually a bit of human interest and humor in her eyes.

“Yup.” And as worse things, but I didn’t need to scare somebody away who could still be salvaged. “At least I’m not stealing people’s souls.”

“You can’t really do that.”

Maybe that cynicism would protect her, but no. The demoness had her claws in her soul alright. “You keep believing that. It won’t save you.”

“I like my job.”

“Then do it somewhere else. Trust me.”

“You’re a practical joker.”

I grinned. “Yes, and also somebody who cares entirely too much about other people. Even those that don’t want me to.”

She seemed to consider that. “I don’t believe in souls.”

“Start.” No way to protect her. No way to save her. But I had to try, even if all I succeeded in doing was making her hate me.

Which she was supposed to do anyway. She turned away. “I’m not supposed to engage in a long conversation with you. Just warn you that…that she said she’d make sure you left her girls alone.”

A threat, but a vague one. Probably because she didn’t want Marya delivering something which might make her doubt further. “Think about how she might do that,” was all I said before brushing past her as I left.

It was all I could do and all I could really say. For now.

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