Episode Twenty-Five: Senator: Scene 12

Unfortunately for me, she seemed to have settled in with him for the evening. I decamped to a table nearby and ordered a burger and fries.
A very good and very expensive burger and fries. Well, it was Georgetown, and I was definitely out of place here. I increased the amount of effort I was putting into simply not being noticed by anyone, the succubus included.

She was, I suspected, a pretty minor demonling. Probably she didn’t even want anything from the businessman other than keeping her hand in.

Finally, they got up and left. I paid for my meal and quietly followed, only to see them disappear into a cab. Joy.

I really needed a bike. And I still hoped that Thea could arrange the loan of a valkyrie’s steed.

You will never be my sister.

But I still could use the transport. I flagged down a cab myself, but I couldn’t exactly say “follow that cab” like they did in the movies. Instead, I got talking, and then said I was concerned about my friend. “The woman he’s with looked like a real vamp.”

“I’m sure he can look after himself.”

“Yeah, but his wife might look after him if we don’t distract him.”

The cabbie laughed. “Rescue mission, eh? I’ll see if I can find out where my coworker took them.”

Which he did. A townhouse a few blocks away. Hopefully I wasn’t too late.

Hopefully she was only going to sleep with him, not take his soul. The cab that dropped me off cleared out.

And I knew she knew I was following her. She peeked out of the curtains of the living room, then closed them.

I could kick in the door and go charging in. Instead, I circled around to duck into the alleyway behind. I could identify the house easily enough, and I hopped up onto the wall between their yard and the next. It was wide enough to balance on, if you had a good sense of balance. And it put me right below a window. It wasn’t open, but I managed to jimmy it and hop into…

…a child’s bedroom. It wasn’t her place they’d gone home to, it was his. The child was not in the bedroom. Based off of the decor, I was guessing a girl.


This was not going well. The kid couldn’t get caught in the crossfire. The door opened and I ducked behind the bed, flattening myself on the floor.

“I don’t want to stay in my room, dad.”

A small girl’s voice. Eight or nine years old, I’d guess.

And I was in her room with her. She’d probably scream when she saw me.

“I need to entertain Miss Eleanor without you in the way. Play your playstation or something.”

The kid grumbled as the door closed.

Maybe I could convince her not to scream.

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