Episode Twenty-Five: Senator: Scene 5

I knew I was stepping into the lion’s den. I trusted that he had honor, and I trusted to a degree in my own honor.

He took my hand and flames flowed around us, and then, as once before, we were in his realm. I stood above a field of fiery flowers.

“Not everything here is ugly.”
The fire within me wanted to respond. “Perhaps not.”

“And your own fire reaches out.”

“I do have fire giant blood.” I suspected it was more than that, but I also… “But I also suspect you have something to do with that.”

“Me? I can’t touch the basic nature of Loki’s daughter. He’d kill me.”

“And end up king of Muspelheim?”

“Oh, he’d make it look like an accident.”

I actually, for the first time, found myself liking him a little.

“As you would.”

“But you bring me here, or do you have fifty guards waiting to jump me?”

“I said you would make a good queen.”

“You have fifty guards waiting to jump me.” I would have done the same thing, in the same circumstances. I wouldn’t have trusted me.

“This is our people’s world. And all we have ever wanted is to be as we are.” He smiled. “Snag is, as we are includes a strong desire for conflict and war.”

“Which you’re about to tell me you, with difficulty, keep control over and hold back.”

“With difficulty.”

“You still plan on ending the mortal world.”

“I plan on defeating our ancient enemies. What has Odin done for you other than exile you with no memories?”

Kanesha’s face drifted into my mind. “I understand why he did it.”

“He thinks you would…he knows you will come to me, and he thought to buy time.”

“I said. I will never come to you.”

He tried to kiss my hand.

I slapped him.

He stepped back. “I like your spirit. You will come to me, because I can protect those you most care about from Ragnarok. Has Odin ever made that offer? No. In fact, he will have one of your closest friends fight.”

I shook my head. “I don’t trust you.”

“But you will.”

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