Episode Twenty-Five: Senator: Scene 2

Detective Mundy, who’s name I tried not to find amusing, released me quickly. I called Kanesha. “You know, we’ve been missing something important.”

“What bills are coming up that a succubus would want to impact. There’s some climate stuff.”

I nodded to her, even though she couldn’t see me. “Financial?”

“Financial…I’ve been looking.”

Trust her to think of it even when I didn’t and couldn’t. She was the smart one.

“Or…” I frowned. “Weapons.”

“Weapons contractors.”

“We know they’re all run by forces of evil.”

“Defense budget. It’s coming up.”

“Well. Sarlac’s family are now under special police protection. We can go home.”

Of which I was very glad. I’d had visions of being stuck here under a “don’t leave town” requirement.

“Next flight?”

“Next flight,” I promised. I didn’t care if we had to spend the night in the airport. I went over there to book one while Kanesha packed.

Although I was starting to wish we didn’t live in DC. This city was so much more…relaxed…that part of me wished I could stay. And New York would only be worse.

But we had a demon to stop. I caught a cab to the airport, and booked on the next flight we could get, not caring that it would dump me in Baltimore rather than Washington.

They weren’t, I hoped, my concern any more. The succubus still was. I settled down in the airport to wait, buying a trashy paperback at the inevitable terminal bookstore to occupy myself with. Some silly romantic comedy. Kanesha would like it once I was done with it. Pastel cover and all. Curled up with the book, I waited for my Kanesha to show up.

Well, until I got interrupted.


I peered over the book. “Go away.”


I peered over the book again. “Who are you?” I didn’t recognize him.

“Uh…I’m…uh…” He blushed. “A fan?”

“A fan?”

I could probably have got rid of him by telling him I was gay. I didn’t. I had fans?

“Of your work. I want to get into fashion photography. And you have such a distinctive face.”

A modeling fan. I wanted to laugh, but I managed to spare his blushes. “Uh…I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Are you here for a shoot?”

“No, I decided to flee Washington for a few days.”

Where was Kanesha? As he launched into more enthusiasm, I decided I’d rather have a troop of fire giants to deal with than this…

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