Episode Twenty-Four: Flowers: Scene 30

She backpedaled, apparently not having expected physical violence. Or resistance to her charms.

“There’s more than one way to be immune to a succubus.”

She recovered her poise and laughed. “You hit hard, godling, but you know it’s not going to hurt the real me.”

“I was intending to break your nose.”

She lifted her hand to make sure, and Kanesha broke free and ran for the brownstone. I hoped she had a plan in mind.

“And distract you.”

She turned, but I was on her. I might not be able to damage her, only her constructed vessel, but I could pin her down.

Except, of course, she could teleport. Fortunately I was somewhat ready for it and didn’t faceplant into the tarmac. I rolled to one side, then ran for the house myself.

The door was open, because Kanesha had kicked it in. Inside, it seemed like a pretty ordinary place. Nice stone floor. Which way? I heard something upstairs and pounded up the stairs.

The succubus had Kanesha up against the window, which was broken. In a moment she’d be throwing her out. The kid was there. He wasn’t even tied up. She didn’t see a seven year old as a threat.

I couldn’t let Kanesha go out the window though. I’d already made too much noise to approach stealthily, so I just charged in…twisted, grabbed Kanesha, and shoved.
The succubus went out the window, but she vanished before she hit the ground.


“Get the kid, go,” I told her. “I’ll…”

“You’ll what?”

The succubus was already in the doorway.

I turned to the kid. “Do you believe in magic?” I asked him.

He nodded.

“Okay. Well, she’s an evil witch.”

The succubus laughed. “Pulling…”

“Kids always believe. Don’t forget that.” Back to him. “She’s an evil witch and we need to send her back where she came from.”

This wasn’t the mistress of the Red Flowers. This was some less powerful friend.

I thought we might be able to send her home. With a bit of help.

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