Episode Twenty-Four: Flowers: Scene 18

Charles Sarlac. 57 years old. Unmarried. Why hadn’t she gone after him before?

Maybe Wilson’s theory had something to it. Harder to get somebody’s soul if they didn’t believe they had one.

On the other hand that might make it easier. Why not sell, or give away, something that wasn’t real anyway.

I called in sick and ensconced myself, disguised as a brunette in her twenties, in a corner of Busboys & Poets. I decided, in the end, to arrange myself a little bit enticingly. There was no evidence Sarlac was gay.

He didn’t seem to notice me, though. Man could stand to lose a few pounds I thought. No taint on his aura. Nothing special about him. He settled down at a table nearby on his own.

Hrm. How to approach the man? Where was his security? Ah yes, there. They weren’t sitting with him, but the two minders were pretty obvious. I made eye contact with one of them.

He frowned and I wondered if they’d move the Senator out. Then he stood up and made his way over.

“I know you’re tailing Sarlac.”

I smiled. “Would you believe we’re on the same side?”

“Not really.” He sat down in such a position that I couldn’t leave without getting past him. That suited me fine.

“Okay. There’s a woman going around looking for blackmail targets.”

“Kiss and tell scam?”

I hesitated, then nodded.

“And you…”

“I suppose I’m just worried he’s her next target.” Or about whoever his next target is.

He studied me. “You aren’t government. Private eye?”

It was the perfect opening and I took it. “Yeah. I was hired to look into this woman. She’s got half a dozen guys on leading strings already.”

“Money or votes?”
I could tell he still didn’t quite believe me, but didn’t want to risk it.

“Not sure yet,” I admitted.

“I’ve heard rumors.”

A pause. “Tell him not to use the Red Flowers escort agency.”

The bodyguard laughed. “Charles doesn’t use escorts.”

“Good. She’s involved with it and probably using the girls to snag people. Again, not sure yet, but…”

“She’ll have to try something else with Charles,” was all the man said.

I glanced at the Senator. Unmarried, in his fifties. Maybe he was gay after all.

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