Episode Twenty-Four: Flowers: Scene 14

At least we managed not to literally tear each other’s eyes out. I was convinced Marya wouldn’t be a road to getting to the succubus.

Will had made no progress on finding her true name. He said that was actually good news at some levels. She wasn’t a major player in Hell, although she was probably trying to become one.

Apparently it was easier to find the names of more powerful demons. So, it was down to Tonya to find something.

Or maybe to Marya. She was marked, stained, but was she owned? I shook my head. It wasn’t my business. I wasn’t sure why I cared, except that she seemed so fragile and vulnerable.

So afraid. Most especially of me, but also of anyone who might be competition, anyone who might show that she wasn’t as pretty as she appeared.

Yeah. She’d been an easy butt, and that was why I wanted to help her. There was no real evil in her and I didn’t want her burning in Hell.

I even more didn’t want her becoming more evil, but it wasn’t my job. I stepped into the church, glancing around.

Seeing nobody I headed back and knocked on the door that led to Will’s house.

“Come on in.”

I did so.

“Oh, it’s you. I still haven’t found her.”

“That’s fine. If somebody sells their soul to a demon how can they un-sell it?”

Will frowns. “That depends. You basically have to find a loophole in the bargain.”

I nodded. “I don’t think she can be saved, but I want to try. She’s not like, some hardcore criminal, just a scared kid.”

“We’d need to know the exact terms.”

“Well. I’ll hold it in reserve.” I sighed a bit. “I’m tired of demons. They’re supposed to be your problem not mine.”

“You’re a beacon.”

“I know. Where are the angels when we need them?” I hadn’t seen one in a while.

“Still mopping up from the last big dust up, I think.”

“Maybe.” I was a little skeptical of that. “I would think the demons crawling everywhere means it’s over.”

“Nah. They’re busier than normal. There’s still confusion in the infernal hierarchy.”

“You have talked to an angel,” I accused.

He grinned. “Guilty as charged.”

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