Episode Twenty-Three: Politics: Scene 1

I ran after the car, but even I can’t actually catch a vehicle unless they’re stuck in traffic. Instead, I took out my cellphone, hesitated…and called Mike.

That was pretty much calling the cops, after all.

“What happened?”

“Monica got kidnapped.”

“Stay put. I’ll call it in. Where are you?”

I told him. Staying put was hard, though, but I hoped he’d tell Thruor. Or somebody who had a bike to find them with.

The fyrhund sidled out of the restaurant to settle next to me in beagle form. “You have any idea where they took her?”

It just wagged its tail, which melted the snow under it, sending little runnels of water away.

“Helpful.” I knew it couldn’t track one car out of many, though, and I hadn’t sensed any strong supernatural presence. Meaning that whoever had taken her?

Heck, it might not even be a magic thing at all, although that seemed unlikely. I couldn’t think of a motivation to kidnap a washed up model dying of cancer. Kidnapping a seeress, though? They probably wanted her to see the future for them.

Mike showed up in an unmarked car pretty quickly. “Did you see the license plate?”

“It had TYZ, I didn’t catch the numbers.” I rubbed the dog behind the ears. “There were three men who followed her out, but they could have been innocent.”

“Not much to go on.”
“We could try tracking her cell phone?” I started to suggest, then sighed as I saw what was in the gutter.

It was broken, but the rose gold case was familiar. “I think they may have been professionals.”

I nodded a bit. “I didn’t sense anything about them.” But then something else occurred to me.

If I wanted somebody abducted and knew there were people around who could sense me, then getting people who didn’t ping radar to do it… “I wonder if they were hired to snag her.”

“I’d say so. No screams, little struggle, cellphone left behind.” He sighed. “We’ll do our best.”

“I think they might get a nasty shock.” And I knew who could find her, unless this was somehow part of his plan. He might, after all, want these people to hear what she had to say.

Or she might be able to do something bad to them herself. Still, I glanced around for ravens.

Not so much as a black feather.

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