Episode Twenty-Two: Melee: Scene 27

More likely I’d learn to vanish into flame. For a moment, I almost imagined how it could be done, but I decided it was the kind of thing that, if I could do it, was best done with an instructor or spotter the first time.

Maybe Loki would help with it. If I could draw them out.

I knew at that point for sure that I was about to cause the thing I’d thought I was going to be putting all of my effort into avoiding. It was actually really obvious.

Monica would…well, no. I’d explain to her. If I could. If she was still here to explain it to. So, instead of trying to vanish into flame I started to walk towards the Mall. My phone rang and I tugged off a glove to answer it.

“Where are you?”

“Just east of the Capitol. Meet me…meet me at the Smithsonian Castle.”


“I’m making an end of this. Gather the troops.”

I was done reacting. Getting Angrboda’s attention? I honestly didn’t care. I could get enough force without her to take four fire giants.

But I was confident she’d show up. She had a nose for trouble even more sensitive than mine, after all. Outside the castle, I made some more phone calls. I was going to get everyone I could. Just in case they brought more than four.

Four, I was sure I could handle with Kanesha and planning. More than that, and I was going to need help.
The snow fell more heavily, but I noticed that it seemed to be easing off around here, as if Skadi was pulling it away from this area.

Her contribution to luring them in, I supposed.

Kanesha showed up first, slightly out of breath and carrying a couple of guns inside her jacket. I hoped they hadn’t been spotted.

“I called the others. Not sure who’s going to come.”

“I don’t think we need to worry.” She pointed across the Mall, and I saw Angrboda leaning against a tree.

“Good eye.”

“I think I’m starting to get a bit of the ability to see auras or something.”

I considered that. “It’s probably just practice.” Or maybe Kanesha did have a trace of witchy talent after all. It didn’t matter…it would help keep her safe, and that was more important than the source.

It could come from me, too, somehow.

“Probably, but it’s handy.”

I lifted a hand, and saw Angrboda detach herself from the tree and start to come towards us. From behind me, I heard two bikes. Thruor, with Mike. And Kara, with, of all people, Seb.

“Clara’s on her way.”

I nodded. They couldn’t have gotten three people on the bike, and Clara was probably checking spells on the way. Witches took a bit longer to prep for combat, after all.

I hoped she had something useful against giants.

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