Episode Twenty-Two: Melee: Scene 18

It turned out we had an unexpected source. When I mentioned it to Thruor, she furrowed her brow, then nodded. “I remember that.”

“You were there?”

“No. Kara was. I’ll get her to talk to you.”

Kara, I’d noticed, did a lot of what Thruor said, and seemed a little star struck. Or maybe she had a crush. Anything, on that front, was possible. “Thanks.”

I still wasn’t sure where this would lead us, and Angrboda was still gone. Which was better than stomping around looking for fire giants to beat up, I supposed.

No sign of Loki either. Maybe he was staying out of this one. Maybe he’d found something more fun to do somewhere else. I would be just as glad if he did stay out of it. He’d probably find the entire thing hilarious.

Part of me did find the idea funny. Also, the fact that it had happened before and been properly covered up helped. It made me more relaxed about the matter.

That might have been the only thing Munin wanted. When Kara showed up, a few minutes later, I suggested we talked over food. We took her bike to a quiet corner restaurant that mostly served sandwiches and soup. There were dozens of them.

We found a corner booth in the basement. “So…1976, gang riots.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fire giants and frost giants, of course. It doesn’t take much to set them off.”

“I got that impression, but be careful what they say.”

She grinned. “Well, you’d have to fight yourself,” she pointed out, cheerfully.

“No thanks. If I ever run into my own doppleganger I’m going to make Thruor deal with it.”

The grin turned into a laugh. “Hope that never happens.”

“…could it?”

“No, but there are shapeshifters other than Loki who might find that funny.”

Coyote might, I thought. “So…we might have the same thing happen again.”

“It’s relatively easy to cover up as long as they don’t do too much damage to the grass.”

I nodded. “Maybe that’s all Munin was going for – to let me know it was relatively easy to cover up. That I was possibly worrying about things a little too much.”


“What started it?”

“Oh, it was stupid. And there was alcohol. I think somebody’s sister got insulted.”

“This time it’s fire giants killing a mortal Angrboda liked. While trying to get to me.”

“Oh dear. But maybe she would agree to…maybe they’ll just let her fight the one who did it.”

“She’d eat him for breakfast.”

Kara looked grim. “Does he deserve it?”

I didn’t even have to consider the matter. “Yes.”

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