Episode Twenty-Two: Melee: Scene 15

I set her down carefully, hesitated and then called an ambulance. I supposed…I hoped…it was just fatigue.

I really wanted to have some words with Odin about what he was doing to her and whether it was truly necessary. There was not even so much as a feather of a raven visible, though.

Probably, he thought the ravens weren’t necessary when he had another servant present. Unfortunately, that other servant was unconscious. I checked her pulse. Present. Weak.

“Don’t die on me now,” I grumbled to her, then stood up, watching for the medics to show up. Her scarf had fallen off, revealing only skin where her lustrous black locks had been.

This was…no. I stopped myself before even thinking about the unfairness of it. I knew it wasn’t fair.

I also had to respect what she had said. This was her trial, not mine, as hard as it was to watch. There was almost no flesh on her wrist.

I heard the ambulance before it rounded the corner. “What happened?”

“She fainted. I wouldn’t be so concerned, but she’s a cancer patient.”

“Chemo fatigue, probably.” He checked her pulse. “I’m going to take her in. Are you her friend?”

I nodded.

“You can ride with if you want, then.”

They maneuvered her into the ambulance. I followed them in.

“She just fainted with no warning.”

“Mid sentence. I know chemo does take a lot out of people, though.”

“You’re too calm about this.”

I closed my eyes. “I…suppose I wasn’t too surprised. At least she’s alive.”

For now. And how long before that would cease to be a good thing? How long before she would be just lingering?

Or had she already made her decision? About how far to let this go before she just ended it.

Maybe that was the trial.

As long as she was here she could see things. And her vision was useful, if I could just corner Freya.

If I could just work out when it would be and what it would…no. I knew what it was over.

It was a matter of when.

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