Episode Twenty-Two: Melee: Scene 12

“Thruor’s got interesting taste in men.”

“He still sees me as a kid, and we do have that vision. We don’t want to be the ones causing it…and he’d be one of the ones having to clean it up.”

“Point. I hope he won’t be too mad with you.”

“He tends to…I’m not entirely sure he’s grasped who I am. Plus, I was living with him for a while and he had to deal with random drunken Loki.”

“Is there any other kind?”

“Hrm. Sometimes he’s sober. But he’s always random.” I grinned at her.

“Part of why we aren’t still together,” she admitted. “Part of me regrets leaving, but…”

“But things don’t always last together. The gods are fine with divorce, from what I’ve seen.”

“As long as there’s a good reason for it, as long as you give it a try.” She studied me. “And what about your mortal?”

“I’m enjoying it. We’re happy. If it doesn’t last, well, I’ll make sure she isn’t hurt in the long run.”

“And if she leaves you?”

I frowned. “That would be her choice.” I couldn’t imagine Kanesha leaving me, but I knew she might.

“And if she wants children?”

I shrugged. “There’s such a thing as a sperm bank.” If Kanesha wanted kids, I’d support that. I couldn’t do it myself, but…

“Ah yes, mortal science. Not sure it’s for the best.”

“I think it’s better than sleeping with somebody you don’t actually want to, possibly for months.”

She considered that. “And have you thought about their technology meaning they don’t need us as much?”

“I don’t think I care about that. We’re supposed to be planning, though.”

“I am going to demand that Surtur turn them over,” Angrboda said, quietly. “If that doesn’t work, then…are you willing to be bait?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time.”

“If they show up again, fight to capture, not kill. I have…” She smiled. “Something more unpleasant in mind.”

“Like sticking them somewhere in Jotunheim and letting them freeze.”

She grinned. “Sometimes killing people isn’t the right way to teach them a lesson. Of course, sometimes it can give closure. But I was thinking of a bit of time in the winter mountains to cool their…tendency…to kill without thinking.”

I liked her even more. “Okay. But I’m going to defend myself as I need to.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t want to deal with Loki if you got hurt. Or you if one of your friends did.”

I grinned again. “Unless it’s directly your fault you don’t have to worry.”
She extended her hand and I reached to shake it, but instead she clasped my forearm. Her skin was very cold.

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