Episode Twenty-One: Searches: Scene 29

I didn’t actually go all the way through the wall, but it was dang close. I picked myself up, but by now he had my sword in one hand and his in the other.

I wished I had one of those intelligent swords that didn’t like being wielded by anyone not me. In the absence of that, I’d have to rely on…

…Kanesha stabbing him from behind. He hissed and whirled, which gave me the perfect opening to leap on him, choosing my angle carefully so that her rather fragile form wouldn’t end up crushed under both of us.

We hit the pavement with such force I heard a couple of things crack, and I was pretty sure at least one was one of his ribs. He was also bleeding, but the blood that came from him was so hot it was almost aflame. Kanesha had rolled clear. I managed to get my hand around one of the blades and rip it from him.

It was his sword and it was very hot. I was pretty sure a normal person couldn’t have wielded it.

“Ready to yield yet?”

“To somebody who has mortals fight her battles?” he snarled.

“At least I’m not kidnapping them to steal their magic. Not getting enough crumbs from Surtur’s table?”

I was on my feet again, and we faced each other…with the wrong swords. I really was glad now that he didn’t have some legendary blade.

He snarled. “Surtur is a fool.”

“I agree, but you aren’t any better.” Our blades met in the space between us, sparks of flame flying off. They ignited some of the rubbish in the alleyway. The third fire giant was getting out of the truck. The second was now tied up with glowing ropes that I could only assume were Riana’s.

Or maybe Seb’s. He broke them a moment later, but it held him long enough for Thruor’s blade to slide through the air…and through his neck.

She hadn’t hesitated and I wasn’t going to either. “You guys take the getaway driver. I got this!”

“Confident now?”

I grinned. “One on one. You don’t want anyone else fighting my battles?”

I could feel a throbbing pain in my side. I’d worry about fixing that later.

“I can see why Surtur wants you. You’re only marginally more honorable than he is.”

I laughed. “You know who’s daughter I am. You think I care about honor?”

I actually did, but not so much as to want to get killed for it. Our blades met again, and I slid mine away in a particular way, striking him in the stomach. Now he was bleeding more, but his caught in my arm.

Nobody else was interfering now. “What I care about is that you ensorceled a mortal woman under my protection. Yet, you complain that I let them fight my battles?”

He snarled and lunged. I ducked under it, and now I felt his sword go under his ribs and into his heart.

He crumpled into ashes. That was two of them sent home…

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