Episode Twenty-One: Searches: Scene 21

I managed to suppress a shiver as she released me and stepped back. “Give me one good reason why I should let you past?”

“The fact that I have this and haven’t used it on you yet.” He let her glimpse the disk.

That might be foolish, but then, he knew her better than I did.

She gave a soft harrumph. “And what do you plan on doing with that little trinket?”

“Getting rid of it.”

“Without using it?”

Loki shrugged. “It’s already caused enough entertainment. I decided I wasn’t up for the end of the world just yet.”

I felt a small sense of satisfaction. I had convinced him after all.
She laughed. “But that would mean our sons were free.”

I knew what was going to happen next, and my sword came out in a moment as I tried to move between the two.

But I was far too slow. In a moment, she had the disk. A moment later, Loki was frozen as in amber.

She could only hold one of us. I reminded myself of that. I also knew I couldn’t kill her.

“What of it?” she said, turning to me. “Don’t you want to meet your brothers?”

I kept my gaze even. “Unfortunately, I’ve developed a certain fondness for humans.”

“Oh, bah. Now, let’s see.”

It only worked on one of us. If she wanted to trap me, she’d have to release Loki.

But I knew I couldn’t fight her. How had a giantess moved so fast? And it was as if it was all the fire in me could do to keep me warm here.

Apparently, I’d missed out altogether on any frost giant heritage. And I was in Jotunheim, on her turf.

Had Loki intended this? Perhaps subconsciously. If she used him to start Ragnarok I couldn’t be angry with him for it.

“No clue what to do, have you.” She smiled. “You could join me for a meal.”

“Not unless you let him go. Freezing a guest is against the laws of hospitality.”

Softly, “It is, isn’t it.”

And she released him.
“Good move. Angrboda values her honor.” Loki shook himself like a dog.

But she still had the artifact and I still had no idea how to get it back from her.

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