Episode Two: Monster Hunting: Scene 20

The ambulance was there, loading the junkie in. I didn’t want them to see us go into the safe house. So, I started to walk away. Thea followed me. “Good work.”

“I guess it didn’t want to take on both of us.”

“Oh, definitely. Kelpies aren’t the bravest creatures on the whole. I’m surprised it even tried to take on you.”

“I think I pissed it off,” I admitted, brushing back my hair. “But I’d sort of rather have it gunning for me than…”

“Huh. You aren’t shaping out quite like I thought. I thought you were using that guy as bait.”

“Not entirely. I thought about it, decided against it, then the bastard showed up anyway. Offered to tell me who I really was. He really wanted that guy.”

“Then he’s going to go after him again. Which hospital are they taking him to?”

“Providence. Should I have gone with?”

“Nah. They’d have questioned you. Up for staking it out?”

“Why would he be after a junkie?” I turned to face her, my eyes fixing on her almost washed out blues. “I mean…”

“Bloodline, possibly. Or just…those things aren’t entirely sane by any standard. The guy has something he wants.”

“He wants to eat him.” I shuddered. “I want that thing dead.” An admission, that, that I didn’t like. I didn’t want to admit I wanted anyone dead, and as crazy and dark and unpleasant as the kelpie was, he was an intelligent being. Not a thing. Not a disgusting monster.

“They have that effect on one. They’re a very dark fairy. But there might be an alternative to killing him.”

“Sending him back where he came from?” I asked, one eyebrow elevating.
“Exactly. Come on.” She’d circled around to where she’d parked her bike. I hopped on behind her. Still the best way to get around the city, and heading north towards Providence.

Pretty much the closest since they’d closed the old D.C. General. Which had been a good thing and a bad thing. People were still trying to decide which. I really didn’t have…or at least remember…an opinion. She parked the bike about half a block away, and we stood looking at the hospital.

Now I did remember things. I’d spent some time in a room here, while they tried to work out who I was and if my memories were coming back any time soon. Not good memories. Not good memories at all, but they were part of what I had.

And I sensed a dark presence across the city.

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