Episode Twenty: Ghosts: Scene 21

I and Clara left Zaid and Bobbi to talk about things that had little to do with the supernatural.

“She’s right, but how do we do that?”

Clara considered. “Well, if her husband summoning ghosts didn’t do it?”

“She may not remember who she is.”

“Which makes that impossible.”

“No. It doesn’t. It wasn’t impossible for Loki to find me. Which reminds me that I should grab the horn. I think it can tell people the truth they haven’t admitted.”

“Bobbi should take a swig, then.”

“Nah I think h…she’s admitting it now.”

“Ah, so you brought her to talk to Zaid about that.”

I nodded. “She said she wanted to be a princess. Then tried to backpedal, and I was like, maybe something’s going on here. And if she’s busy talking to Zaid she’s not trying to beat me up.”
Clara laughed. “How far did she get?”

“She did manage to get me on the ground briefly, but only because I had my mind elsewhere and wasn’t expecting to be jumped.”

“She’s bigger than you, too, so heavier.”

I wasn’t sure of that. I didn’t weigh myself. But that was comic books, so… “Yeah. Hopefully Zaid can talk some sense into her. For right now…how do we get the attention of somebody who might not remember?”

“Mrs Spider.”

“Spiders.” I paused. “Some people collect spiders.”

“Zaid has a tarantula. In the bedroom.”

“I’d laugh if it was Zaid.”

“So would I, but it’s not. Wherever she is, she can’t be sworn to another deity.”

Which meant it couldn’t be Kanesha. “So, he has a tarantula. I wonder.”

“I don’t know anything about keeping spiders, other than a couple of things he said about humidity. But…”

“…but there’s a community of people who keep spiders. And if we combine that with what Bobbi said.”

I suddenly had hope that we could find her. Maybe.

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