Episode Nineteen: Infernal: Scene 28

School…I wanted school to be over and done with. I wanted out, but instead I sat at lunch munching on a cayenne brownie I’d brought for dessert.

I had so much more important things to worry about. Why hadn’t I asked Hel about the fire? And even with Tyz’vel gone, I still had Surtur to worry about.

Surtur was more of a gentleman, though.


I looked up to see Clara. “Hey.”

“You look tired.”

“I thought I was over that. I had a tough one.”

“Why didn’t you invite me?” She dropped onto a spare chair.

“Believe me, you didn’t want to come to Hell.”

“Actual Hell?” She pursed her lips. “No. I didn’t. In fact, I don’t want to know.”

I grinned. “No you don’t. But we have a lingering problem.”

I explained to her about Anansi and she frowned. “I’ll keep my eyes open.”

“I got an early warning system, but I appreciate that.”

Open eyes I definitely appreciated. “How are you studies coming on?”

She grinned. “Pretty well. I’ve been working on reading auras lately.”

“Handy. Keep your eyes open for spiders.”

“I will.” She grinned again. “I’ve also been talking to Zaid a fair bit.”

“Good. They know some interesting stuff.”

“They do.” She stretched. “Call me if you need a spell or two.”

“I will,” I promised, then finished the brownie and got up to head to class. I was entirely glad to get out, though.

Well, until I realized somebody was waiting for me outside, somebody with body language a lot like… “Tyz’vel.”

“Not guilty,” the stranger said. “And I just want to talk.”

I narrowed my eyes. It was a demon, alright, and a powerful one. “Look. I’m out. I’m not messing with infernal politics any more.”

“I don’t blame you. Don’t worry about Tyz’vel. He won’t pull himself together for about a millennium.”

I grinned. “He should have known better than to start kidnapping gods.”

“He did know better. And no offense, but you aren’t that hot.”

I shrugged. “No accounting for tastes.”

“But thank you for dealing with him.” Then the demon snapped his fingers and vanished.

I was left with a distinct feeling that more had happened than I’d seen or heard, but for now I couldn’t afford to worry about it.

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