Episode Nineteen: Infernal: Scene 21

Trust Kanesha? Trust her to handle her own life and existence? I thought of the angel feather again and realized he was right.

I did need to trust her. And life was looking like it was about to return to normal. If it hadn’t been for Anansi and the dwarven artifact I would have relaxed completely. And even on that I had to trust Kanesha.

Thruor invited us to join her after school. We went to a club that let over 16s in. Thruor drank a random guy under the table while me and Kanesha danced, ignoring anyone who had a problem with it.

A few people there did indeed seem to have a problem with it. But we were used to that. I was tempted to hit one guy who used the d word rather too loudly, but restrained myself and just enjoyed the music, enjoyed forgetting for a while that I was anything other than up and coming model Jane Rudi. Enjoying a night out with her girlfriend.

Part of me, suddenly, wanted to make things more than that, but the moment passed. I wasn’t quite prepared to ask her.

I was worried it…no. I was worried about what it might mean, in the long term. She’s yours echoed in my mind.

She’d said she didn’t mind sharing.

I pulled her towards me, held her.

“Maybe I can watch later.”

She spun away from me, shifting her stance almost automatically. The man had come up very close on us.

He smelled of drink and tobacco, badly of both, and his teeth were yellowed.

“I know you said you wouldn’t mind sharing, love, but I don’t think this one’s our type.” I said it acidly – hoping it would clue him in that he couldn’t convert us to heterosexuality.

Kanesha just smiled. “I dunno. I think we could give him something to watch.”

It was tempting, but I glanced over at Thruor. She was on her fifth vodka on top of who knew what else, but still looked stone cold sober. She shook her head a little.

“Nah. Thea wants to be able to come back to this club,” I pointed out. “Heck, so do I. The DJ’s good.”

The guy tried to grab Kanesha. She reacted automatically, spinning into him to stomp on his foot and bring her elbow back into his private parts.

He dropped her, yelping.

“Tell her sorry. You started it.”

I was expecting an open brawl to break out. Instead?

Instead, we got applause.

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