Episode Nineteen: Infernal: Scene 2

Which probably meant Coyote would start hitting on me. I convinced him, though, that I really shouldn’t just go off into the spirit world with them. Besides, I wanted to tell the valkyries what was going on.

The real question was just how Tyz’vel had snagged Loki. Or had he? It might be that my dad had the demon right where he wanted him. Or possibly she, right now. I couldn’t be sure.

I had no way to be sure and the fact that nobody seemed to be alarmed except Coyote…but then, Coyote was more likely to have realized when a fellow trickster was out of his depth.

I was pretty sure Coyote was older. Possibly more powerful, if there could really be a comparison.

Tyz’vel. Challenging Lucifer. The thought of talking to the first of demons came into my mind again.

I mean, it wasn’t like I was intentionally involving myself in the politics of Hell. I’d become involved against my wishes.

Back in the real world I headed for Mike’s place, hoping to find Thruor there.

I found Monica instead. “Looking for…”

“You.” She still didn’t look sick, not really. There were bags under her eyes.

“I have…I’m sorry, I have…”

“World shaking problems?” She looked at me. “I have weird dreams.”

Weird dreams. “Might be Odin’s trying to talk to you.”


“But I have to…I have to rescue Loki.”

She laughed. “I would think Loki would be…”

“Self-rescuing. But Coyote seems to think he’s out of his depth this time. And Tyz’vel’s involved.”

“Oh man. I did warn Loki not to seduce him.”

I laughed. “I thought of that, but if Coyote thinks he’s in trouble, then I’m sort of inclined to trust the judgment of another trickster.”

Monica nods. “I…”

I shook my head. “What did you dream?”

I knew she wanted to tell somebody, and I figured it would occupy time until Thruor showed up. I fiddled with my phone in my pocket. I should call Kanesha too. And I had a feeling I was in her dream.

“Somebody was offering you a gold coin and you turned away. And Tyz’vel was there, smiling. Just smiling.”

“And Tyz’vel’s involved in my dad’s disappearance.” And being offered payment for something.


“What did the coin look like?”

“I…it was just…” She frowned. “It was just a coin, but it glowed a little. I don’t think it was a physical thing.”

“A symbol for a payment or a bribe.”

“But it looked like the demon was happy you turned it down.”

“The demon wants me. So, maybe he wouldn’t want me accepting a payment from somebody else.”

I frowned. Somebody else like…one of his rivals. But before I could say anything else I heard an approaching bike.

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